National Aerospace Solutions, LLC

For ALL NAS Employees:

The Continuing Resolution was not extended and the government is in a shut down. Please come to work on your normal schedule. Please talk with your Supervisor or Branch Manager if you have questions.

We will update this message as the situation changes.

Partners in maintaining a vital capability

Partners in maintaining a vital capability

National Aerospace Solutions LLC is the team selected by the U.S. Air Force to conduct Test and Operations Sustainment activities at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold Air Force Base, in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

NAS is committed to partnering with the Air Force and the workforce at AEDC to drive the change necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the Complex while ensuring mission success: no impact to customers, no loss in data quality, and no reduction in productive test time ultimately securing AEDC's long-term future and world-class superiority in aerospace and flight testing.

NAS brings the experienced leadership needed to deliver innovations and efficiencies, workforce empowerment, and disciplined execution for AEDC as it reclaims its leadership role in providing aerospace ground-test capabilities for the nation.