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NAS awards presented at All-Hands meetings

Dec. 8, 2016

NAS leadership awarded several employees for their outstanding performance during the All-Hands meetings held Nov. 9-10 at University of Tennessee Space Institute. Ashley Clark was presented an award for developing a maintenance optimization approach for welding preventative maintenance, which resulted in a cost savings of $20,000. (NAS Photo by Jacqueline Cowan)

During the recent NAS All-Hands meetings, five NAS employees were recognized for their assistance in ensuring the completion of DD2875 forms, which re-establish access to Air Force network systems. Those receiving the award, left to right, are Phyllis Lafferty, Judy Brewer, Courteney Gregory and Jeannie Bowden. Not pictured is Vickie Adams. (NAS Photo by Jacqueline Cowan)

At the All-Hands meetings, NAS leadership recognized a group that oversaw the development and deployment of a new version of a program, which will provide additional data acquisition capability to AEDC test facilities. Those making up the team recognized for this accomplishment are: Basil Hall, Mark Duke, Margaret Smith James Murr Hanh Tran, Paul Schwer, Karen Zarecor, Melissa Miller, Doug Hamilton, Ulrika Cooper, Greg Renner, Joel Barr, Larry Oaks, Keith Bowling and Rick Smith. Those pictured here, left to right, are Ulrika Cooper, James Murr, Doug Hamilton, Margaret Smith, Hanh Tran, Karen Zarecor, Mark Duke and Melissa Miller. (NAS Photo by Rick Goodfriend)

Receiving recognition at the NAS All-Hands meetings Nov. 9-10 was a team of NAS employees who delivered a refabricated nose cone for the H2 diffuser in the Arc Heaters Facility. The award recipients pictured left to right are Norman Smith, Danny Owens, Ken Vassar, Joel Gregory, Paul Denton, Teddy Perry, Michael Dickey, Jeff Tate, Mark Duke and Terry Hand. Scott Murphy is not pictured. (NAS Photo by Rick Goodfriend)

NAS employee Jody Frame was recognized at the NAS All-Hands meetings held at the University of Tennessee Space Institute for adopting a new process for executing electrical utilities preventative maintenance resulting in a 96 percent completion rate. (NAS Photo by Rick Goodfriend)

Rylan Cox was recognized at the NAS All-Hands meetings held at the University of Tennessee Space Institute for recently receiving his doctorate in mechanical engineering from the University of Tennessee. (NAS Photo by Jacqueline Cowan)