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NAS Update: First set of job listings and FAQs now posted

April 13, 2016 -- The first set of job listings for National Aerospace Solutions, LLC is now posted on the Careers tab at  Note: All positions at AEDC for all NAS member companies will appear on this page, even if some appear on member company websites as well. If you’d like to receive periodic email updates of new job listings, update your email preferences here and select Job Listings as in the example below:

First FAQ responses posted

The first set of responses to Frequently Asked Questions has been posted to the National Aerospace Solutions website. Answers to similar questions have been combined. We’re working on additional answers and will post them as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Day 13 of 90

This is day 13 of the scheduled 90-day transition period for the TOS contract. Our primary goal during transition is to build an organization that combines the resources of the NAS member companies with the workforce’s knowledge and experience to meet and exceed the AEDC Commander’s vision and work with their new CTF organization.

Thank you for helping us meet this goal,
The NAS Team