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More than 100 job listings posted

May 11, 2016

National Aerospace Solutions has posted more than 100 additional positions on the Careers portal. Current ATA employees will be given first consideration for these positions.

To apply, please register on the Careers portal and select the position you're interested in. You may apply for more than one position. If you have questions, start with the Jobs/Hiring section of our FAQ page

A "crosswalk map" for Engineering that shows ATA groups and NAS disciplines has also been posted. You'll find it in the Jobs/Hiring section of the FAQs, or here is a direct link.

More FAQs posted
Speaking of FAQs, we continue to post answers to frequently asked questions on our FAQ page, including the answer to this question:

"If leave without pay is offered until a vacation balance can be earned, how will benefits be paid to the providers since they are normally deducted from paychecks?"

 View the answers and submit your own questions here. More answers are on the way.

Day 41 of 90
Thank you for your cooperation as we continue the scheduled 90-day transition of the AEDC Test Operations and Sustainment work scope. 

The NAS Team