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NAS Update: Offer letters being sent

June 13, 2016 -- Following hundreds of job interviews conducted over the last several weeks, National Aerospace Solutions began sending offer letters to AEDC employees selected for positions under the new Test Operations and Sustainment contract. 

The letters were sent to the email address that candidates provided when applying for positions. To complete the hiring process, please follow the instructions contained in the email offer. 

Questions about the offer letter?
We have posted a new set of FAQs about the offers and how to proceed.  See the answers on our FAQ page.The FAQ page also provides details on when and where you can get assistance from an HR representative on  base. 

Day 74 of 90
This is day 74 of the scheduled 90-day transition of work scope for the Test Operations and Sustainment contract. We look forward to starting this new era with you at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex.

The NAS Team