NAS Community Commitment Plan

NAS is committed to partnering with the Air Force and the workforce at Arnold Engineering Development Complex to drive the change necessary to ensure the long-term viability of the Complex while ensuring mission success: no impact to customers, no loss in data quality, and no reduction in productive test time – ultimately securing AEDC’s long-term future and world-class superiority in aerospace and flight testing.

NAS also recognizes that its relationship with the communities that surround AEDC facilities in Tennessee, Maryland and California, is vital for mission success, and also part of a “win-win” equation in which the complex and the communities can prosper together through collaboration, communication, and investment in mutual interests.

To demonstrate our commitment, NAS leadership will be engaged in organizations, committees and initiatives that support the NAS mission, and help move the communities forward. NAS will also provide annual allocations from its performance fee for community investments.

NAS will work to develop strong, mutually beneficial working relationships with community leaders around the AEDC region by designating representatives to be a part of key community organizations.

NAS Initiatives

NAS will engage with local communities in Tennessee, Maryland and California, and contribute to their overall well-being in focused areas, including:

  • Educational Outreach:
    NAS will support efforts that educate and train the next generations of workers through partnerships with universities and K-12 to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) activities, and through encouragement of post-secondary technical training for high school graduates.
  • The United Way:
    NAS will support The United Way of Coffee and Moore Counties in Tennessee, The United Way Bay Area in California, and The United Way of the National Capital Area in Maryland as an officially endorsed NAS-sponsored charity. NAS management will evaluate incorporating a corporate match at each location based on employee participation.
  • Community events:
    NAS may elect to support select local community events which are free and open to everyone.

Donation Requests:

All requests for donations or volunteers, which fall under the NAS Initiatives listed above, should be made via the NAS Donation Request Form.

Completed forms can be submitted by email, or mailed to:

Organizational Donation Requests
National Aerospace Solutions
Bldg. 100, Suite A205
Arnold AFB, TN 37389

Prior to submitting a donation request, please read the NAS Community Commitment Plan. Unfortunately we cannot grant all requests. Requests that fall within the NAS Initiatives will receive first priority.

NAS is committed to being an active partner in the communities surrounding Arnold Engineering Development Complex.

Engaging Employees

AEDC has a long history of employee volunteerism and generous giving. NAS will encourage employees to continue their involvement through both company-sponsored and company-supported initiatives. However, NAS is prohibited from seeking taxpayer funding for such activities. Employees will need to participate during off hours or use Paid Time Off, Leave Without Pay, Comp or Flex Time to take part in activities, such as STEM, United Way events, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, etc.

NAS Local Memberships

Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
Tullahoma Chamber of Commerce
Arnold Community Council

Resources and Investments

The External Communications Coordinator is responsible for administering the NAS Community Commitment Plan, with instruction and advisement from the NAS General Manager and NAS Deputy General Manager. Many activities, such as participation on community boards will fall within the responsibility of those who participate. Incidental support of various volunteer and charitable activities will be based on prior approval by management.