NAS awards presented at All-Hands meetings

NAS leadership awarded several employees for their outstanding performance during the All-Hands meetings held Nov. 9-10 at University of Tennessee Space Institute. Ashley Clark was presented an award for developing a maintenance optimization approach for welding preventative maintenance, which resulted in a cost savings of $20,000. (NAS Photo by Jacqueline Cowan)

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Ray McCoy pens book to share experiences of local WWII veteran

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. – After hearing that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, Del Garforth, who was only 17 years old, begged his mother’s permission to sign for him to join the Navy.

Garforth’s mother gave in to the request, and not only did he survive the war, but he is still alive today to tell of his experiences during World War II. His stories are ones which Ray McCoy, who works in Workforce Qualifications at AEDC, spent years writing down so he could then share them with other history-enthusiasts.
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Brumley ‘home for the holidays’ after deployment and retirement

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. – After a final deployment in Qatar, which ended Nov. 5, AEDC outside machinist Eric Brumley will spend more holidays with his family for years to come.

“It is a blessing to be home for the holidays,” he said. “The best part is I will always be home for the holidays from now on.”
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AEDC testing to validate newly redesigned components of the TF33 Pratt & Whitney engine

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. – Testing of the TF33 Pratt & Whitney engine is being conducted at AEDC to verify and validate newly redesigned components of the engine.

The TF33 has powered several different military airframes, including the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System and the E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System.
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Lean Six Sigma focus increases at AEDC

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. – After approximately two years of transitioning to six Complex operation contracts and standing up the Combined Test Force, leadership at AEDC are beginning to turn more focus on continuous process improvement (CPI) and the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) industry standard.

The CPI is an Air Force program which includes LSS and other tools such as Business Process Reengineering and Balanced Scorecard. LSS presents methods of improving a company’s productivity and profitability, or more specifically, cost effectiveness for AEDC.
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Team AEDC Spotlight: Joint effort to reduce cost of preventative maintenance program for Model Shop

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. – In a combined effort, two AEDC engineers helped reduce the cost of the preventative maintenance program for welding machines used by the AEDC Model and Machine Shop.

According to David Hurst, Asset Health Assurance Group Manager for the AEDC Model and Machine Shop, the efforts of Ashley Clark and Tracy McDonald will lead to a savings over the life of the contract of at least $200,000.
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Sloan earns essential security certification

ARNOLD AFB, Tenn., October 25, 2016 – As an information assurance manager for the Test Operations and Sustainment contract, Randy Sloan’s month of self-preparation and certification boot camp attendance earned him the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) credential that is required and essential to his NAS security role.

Sloan’s experience of 30 years at AEDC helped him prepare for a 6-hour exam in September, which included several topics related to cybersecurity.
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Franklin County Industry Day students tour AEDC

By Deidre Ortiz, AEDC/PA

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. — Paul Denton, right, a computer numerically controlled (CNC) programmer at the Model and Machine Shop, talks to a group of Franklin County students who participated in the Franklin County Industry Day on Oct. 6 and toured AEDC as part of the program. One of the stops on the tour was the Machine Shop, where the students were able to ask questions about how different items needed for testing at the Complex are fabricated. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jacqueline Cowan)

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AEDC National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex: One of a kind, ready for future testing

By Deidre Ortiz, AEDC/PA

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. — The National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex, managed and operated by AEDC, remains the world’s largest aerodynamics test facility and, because of its large size, has a wide range of testing capabilities that are unmatched by any other facility of its kind.

NFAC, a geographically separated unit located at Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Calif., is primarily used for determining the aerodynamic characteristics of large-scale and full-scale fixed wing, rotorcraft and powered-lift vertical and short take-off and landing aircraft. Additionally, it has the capability to perform other non-traditional types of wind tunnel testing on test articles as varied as wind turbines, parachutes and long-haul trucks.
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Engineer preps item for testing at AEDC National Full-scale Aerodynamics Complex

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. – Image 161011-F-0000U-001: AEDC instrumentation engineer Dan Pruyn works on the Tiltrotor Test Rig in preparation for a test in the 40-foot by-80-foot wind tunnel at the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex, the AEDC wind tunnel testing site located in California. The test of the TTR is a project sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. TTR is a horizontal axis rig and rotates on the test section turntable to face the rotor into the wind at high speed, or fly edge-wise at low speed (100 knots), or at any angle in between. It is designed to accommodate a variety of rotors. (U.S. Air Force photo/Jeffrey Johnson)


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