As a premier aerospace ground test complex, NAS seeks to do business with qualified companies that offer value and high-quality products and service.

Invoicing, Payment Info

Invoices and payment under purchase orders or subcontracts:

Mail purchase order and subcontract invoices to the following address:

National Aerospace Solutions, LLC
100 Kindel Drive                                            
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9101
ATTN: Accounts Payable



If you wish to receive payment electronically, complete and return the Electronic Fund Transfer Authorization Form.


  • Equipment Parts (Automotive, Forklift,..)
  • Computers – Hardware / Software
  • Clothing – arc flash, safety, etc.
  • Communications equipment
  • Electric supplies – cable, wire, etc.
  • Electronics
  • Fasteners – hardware, fittings
  • Furniture – systems furniture
  • Gases (including Cylanders), Propane, Acetylene, Argon
  • Generators
  • Instrumentation
  • Hazardous materials – chemicals, gases, paint, etc.
  • HVAC units and supplies
  • Hydraulics
  • Motors
  • Office supplies
  • Outsourced metal fabrication
  • Plumbing supplies
  • Roads & Grounds supplies – gravel, sand, etc.
  • Safety supplies – PPE
  • Security systems
  • Specialty metals and steel
  • Trophies / Awards and Logo Embroidary
  • TMDE – Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment
  • Tools – powered / non-powered
  • Valves
  • Vehicles
  • Welding supplies


  • Abatement – asbestos, mold, lead
  • Annual software / hardware maintenance
  • Automobile maintenace
  • Door (Automatic / Manual) Maintenance
  • Chemical Treatment
  • CPE / AED Certification
  • Environmental services
  • Equipment rentals
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Excavating
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Industrial cleaning (Grease)
  • Laundry services
  • Medical Services (Drug Testing, Medical/occupational health services, Ompthamology Service, Audiologist Services)
  • Radiation Dosimetry
  • Repairs and Calibration Services (Off and On Site)
  • Roofing and Siding Repairs
  • On-site Safety – shoes, prescription safety glasses
  • Pipe & Fitting, Welding Services
  • Portable Toilet Rentals
  • Printing
  • Sales – scrap metal / timber
  • Steam Boiler and Generator Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping
  • Systems maintenance – HVAC, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Water bottle services
Description Location*
Asbestos Abatements Arnold AFB, TN
16KV Cable System Study Moffett Field, CA
Equipment Maintenance & Services (Compressors, HVAC, Valves) All locations
Motor Control Center (MCC) & Circuit Breaker Exchanges Arnold AFB, TN
Security System Design and Installation Moffett Field, CA
Metal Fabrication Arnold AFB, TN
Automated Data Processing Equipment(ADPE) All Locations
Equipment Rental All Locations
Sheet Metal Arnold AFB, TN
Piping – Pipe, Fittings, Flanges Arnold AFB, TN

*Locations include: Arnold AFB, TN, Moffett Field, CA, & Silver Springs, MA (NFAC)


NAS will maintain a strong institutional commitment to small business subcontracting.

We must demonstrate our seriousness to achieving these commitments by working together as an institution, and individually as managers, in taking an active role identifying procurement opportunities for our neighboring communities.

Managing to current budget constraints will make the task of finding small business contracting opportunities very challenging. However, we must demonstrate our commitment to our neighboring communities by meeting our small business goals. I challenge all managers and their staff to creatively seek ways to accomplish our goals.

On behalf of NAS, Acquisition Services holds the overall charter to maximize the use of small businesses while ensuring that we meet the needs of AEDC and our customers. Acquisition Services, through its Purchasing, Subcontracting and Small Business operations, is the institutional resource available to you for assistance in developing acquisition strategies that maximize small business participation without compromise to business requirements.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in maintaining and furthering a robust small business subcontracting program. Please contact Cindy Dixon, Small Business Advocate, at or (931) 454-5470, for assistance including small business participation in your resource management portfolio for FY17.

Name Revision Date
QN 01 7/25/2016
QN 03 7/25/2016
QN 08 5/27/2021
QN 09 5/27/2021
QN 10 4/12/2019
QN 11 5/27/2021
QN 12 4/12/2019
QN 13 5/27/2021
QN 14 4/12/2019
QN 15 5/27/2021
QN 16 4/12/2019
QN 17 4/12/2019
QN 18 4/12/2019
QN 19 5/27/2021
QN 20 4/12/2019
QN 21 5/27/2021
QN 22 7/25/2016
QN 23 7/25/2016
QN 24 5/27/2021
QN 25 5/27/2021
QN 26 5/27/2021
QN 28 7/25/2016
QN 29 5/27/2021
QN 30 4/12/2019
QN 31 5/27/2021
QN 32 Fasteners 5/27/2021
QN 32 Fittings 11/03/2020
QN 33 4/12/2019
QN 35 5/27/2021
QN 36 7/25/2016
QN 40 7/25/2016
QN 50 5/27/2021
QN 73 7/25/2016

Use information below as a guideline to doing business

An “Appendix SFA-1” contains FAR and DFAR Clauses that are incorporated by reference into a particular subcontract.

“Exhibit A General Conditions” are the general terms and conditions applicable to a particular subcontract.

Note: The contents of the SFA-1 and Exhibit A (below) are not the only terms and conditions that will be in a NAS subcontract but represent the terms that generally do not change in a particular type of procurement. The terms listed here are presented for information purposes only. The terms attached to and/or referenced in a subcontract are the only terms applicable to that subcontract.

From Number Name Revision Revision Date
Appendix SFA-1 Rev. 8 01/27/2021
Appendix FOA-1 Rev. 9 01/01/2021
Exhibit A – General Conditions Professional Services Rev. 2 07/16/2020
Exhibit A – General Conditions General Services Subcontract Rev. 1 07/10/2020
Exhibit A – General Conditions Construction Services Rev. 2 07/13/2020
COTS PO less than 500K COTS Purchase Order less than $500K Rev. 9 03/05/2021
Part 4 Commercial Item General Conditions Rev. 2 07/10/2020
Site Supplement Rev. 0 07/01/2016


Any questions regarding how to do business with NAS, please contact:


Cindy Dixon
Small Business Advocate
(931) 454-5470

Note: Employment Verification inquiries call (931) 588-3009, Option 2


Purchase Orders & Invoices: National Aerospace Solutions, LLC
100 Kindel Drive
Arnold AFB, TN 37389-9101
ATTN: Accounts Payable

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