NAS Technology Branch recognizing daily innovations occurring at Arnold AFB

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, TENN. — The NAS Technology Innovations Branch directors are recognizing new technical capabilities at Arnold AFB and the innovators behind the ideas. There have been many innovative approaches in logistics, test support, manufacturing, engineering solutions and information technologies which have noticeably improved efficiency and decreased mission risks.

One innovator is Brian Roebuck, a NAS engineer in the Space and Missiles Branch. Brian recently discovered that there was a need to keep heat-treated materials on hand to support a test facility. In determining this, he enlisted the help of the Model Shop to treat these materials so they would be readily available when needed. Doing this cut fabrication time, which in turn reduced the test facility’s down time.

Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, NAS Technical Director, has noted that “the innovations being pioneered in the Technology Innovations Branch are allowing us to accomplish the AEDC mission more efficiently.”

Whitlow also mentioned that test facilities aren’t the only places that innovations are occurring.

“Innovations in our daily work are occurring in all areas across the Complex, in areas such as Human Resources, Security, Procurement and others,” he said. “All NAS employees are using their ingenuity and creativity to make AEDC a better place to work.”

NAS employees wanting to share their ideas are asked to reach out to their supervisor or contact the Technology Innovations Branch at 454-7491

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