All positions re-posted through May 19

It has come to our attention that some members of the current workforce did not apply for any positions with NAS prior to the job postings being closed. It is our objective to do the best we can to be sure everyone has the opportunity to apply.

In order to ensure all members of the workforce have an opportunity to apply for a position with NAS, we have re-posted all positions to catch those who were not able to apply. All qualified candidates will be considered for these positions. After midnight Thursday, May 19, these postings will be closed. Positions will not reopen unless no qualified candidates are found.
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More than 100 job listings posted

National Aerospace Solutions has posted more than 100 additional positions on the Careers portal. Current ATA employees will be given first consideration for these positions.

To apply, please register on the Careers portal and select the position you’re interested in. You may apply for more than one position.
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Additional all-employee meetings scheduled

National Aerospace Solutions has scheduled five additional all-hands meetings for AEDC employees on May 10, 11, and 12. ATA employees should monitor their email for specific times and locations. Fliers have been posted at Building 100 and other locations at AEDC. Due to space limitations, meeting attendance will be broken up alphabetically by last name.
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New FAQ answers; Meet NAS directors

National Aerospace Solutions has posted additional frequently asked questions to its website including the answer to this question: “What will be the defined pay periods — weekly, bi-weekly or monthly?”

Meet the directors
We’ve added brief profiles of NAS’s four director-level managers. They include experienced leaders in aircraft testing, regulatory compliance, and base operations.
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NAS Update: Additional FAQs added to website

April 20, 2016 — More than 20 additional frequently asked questions and answers have been added to the National Aerospace Solutions website so far this week. Answers cover topics such as jobs, hiring, compensation, and vacation / paid time off. More answers are on the way.
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NAS Updates: Submit your questions via the NAS website; All-employee meetings scheduled

APRIL 8, 2016 – National Aerospace Solutions invites you to submit questions about the transition process as the company prepares to assume responsibility for Test Operations and Sustainment at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex.

We will post responses to the frequently asked questions as soon as they are available.

All-employee meetings scheduled
ATA employees should monitor their work email for the time and location of two all-employee meetings to be scheduled for Thursday, April 14.

82 days left
This is day 8 of the scheduled 90-day transition period for the TOS contract. Our primary goal during transition is to build an organization that combines the resources of the NAS member companies with the workforce’s knowledge and experience to meet and exceed the AEDC Commander’s vision and work with their new CTF organization.

Thank you for helping us meet this goal,

The NAS Team

NAS Holds First All-Hands Meetings with AEDC workforce

NAS General Manager Cynthia Rivera welcomes attendees to the
all-hands meeting at the Coffee County Conference Center in Manchester.

The National Aerospace Solutions (NAS) management team held the first all-hands meetings with hundreds of members of the AEDC contractor workforce Thursday (April 14) to provide an update on contract transition and answer questions. The meetings were split into four sessions to give different shift workers the opportunity to attend.
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NAS Update: First set of job listings and FAQs now posted

April 13, 2016 — The first set of job listings for National Aerospace Solutions, LLC is now posted on the
Careers tab. Note: All positions at AEDC for all NAS member companies will appear on this page, even if some appear on member company websites as well. If you’d like to receive periodic email updates of new job listings, update your email preferences here and select Job Listings as in the example below: Read more

Part 1: Introducing the companies that make up NAS

Today we will start sharing information about the companies who have joined together to form NAS – a single-purpose, limited liability company whose only mission is to perform the Test Operations and Sustainment scope of work at Arnold Engineering Development Complex.
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